sera CO2 reactor: Removing other gases


I have a question concerning the sera CO2 reactor (up to 800 l, the angular version with the black plastic cubes): Where is the opening for removing unwanted gases?

just take off one of the intake hoses and allow the gas bubble to escape through the hose connector!

The reactors (passive or active) I know have this feature. The gases need to be removed after all since they do not dissolve, don't they?

The main concern is in this case nitrogen as it indeed does not dissolve well in water; oxygen is fairly well soluble and does not collect. It is sufficient to remove the unwanted gases occasionally when an aptly sized gas bubble has formed. When using high purity carbon dioxide (the filler can tell you how pure the used CO2 is), the amount of unwanted gases is very low. Thus, removing them is necessary only at longer intervals.

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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