What to do in case of dropsy?


One of my Pristellas is suffering from dropsy. Its belly is bloated, it looks as if the belly is about to burst. Furthermore, the fish has bulging eyes. What can I do? I have heard that a saltwater bath helps, but which ratio between salt and water do I need? Thanks!

dropsy (bloated belly) is in fact not the disease itself but the symptom of a severe internal infection (mainly of the kidney).

A treatment can be carried out with sera baktopur direct as long as the disease is not so far advanced that the fish finally dies of organ failure in spite of having treated the pathogens successfully. sera ectopur, a further development of the salt treatment that supplies the fish with extra oxygen, is by all means recommended in this case; dosage can be up to about 0.5 g/l.

Dropsy is a typical weakness caused disease that occurs almost exclusively in case of fish already weakened otherwise (stress, polluted water). Care conditions should therefore by all means be checked and optimized.

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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