Water change after/during a sera costapur treatment


Some of my fish in my 220 liter freshwater aquarium were suffering from "white spot disease". I treated them with sera costapur. After the treatment, the fish appeared to be healthy again. I am aware that sera costapur needs to remain in the aquarium for a while. How long do you recommend not to carry out a partial water change?

In such a situation, you should wait for about 3 days after the last symptoms have vanished before carrying out a partial water change. However, you may also carry out partial water changes sooner (even during the treatment). In that case, however, sera costapur should be re-dosed according to the amount of fresh water added.

And which water conditioners do you recommend concerning nitrite values and keeping the fish healthy when the time for a water change has come? Just sera aquatan and sera bio nitrivec?

Yes, sera aquatan and sera bio nitrivec should be added, each one according to the instructions on the label.

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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