Which fish can be kept together with Fighting Fish?


I recently purchased an aquarium with a Siamese Fighter. Which fish species can I add?

calm and non-aggressive fish are suitable, e.g. harlequin rasboras or most common characin species, armored catfish, loricariids, coolie loaches etc. Better do not add guppies, at least large finned specimens even though they are calm and peaceful: Fighting Fish sometimes mistake them for members of their own kind and then attack them, which may be fatal for them since the Guppies are far inferior physically. Strongly surface orientated fish are also not optimal, as they are sometimes considered intruders into a territory and chased away, especially when the male Fighting Fish is guarding eggs or fry.

The aquarium should in any case be planted abundantly and densely, allowing the fish to retreat when they want to.


Best regards

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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