Which food for small and finicky fish?


I have a 200 liter aquarium stocked as follows: 6 Golden Mollies, 4 Dwarf Gouramis, 15 Harlequin Barbs, 2 Dwarf Suckermouth Catfish. I feed them sera viformo, sera Spirulina Tabs, sera FD mixpur, sera FD Bloodworms and usually sera vipagran as a staple food.

The Mollies and the Gouramis simply eat everything and greatly enjoy it. However, it appears almost all food is too large for the Harlequin Barbs. They seem to actually avoid especially sera vipagran. Whenever a few small particles of it float in the water they will take them, but not the large bits.

My question: Should I grind the sera vipagran for the Harlequin Barbs?

grinding is not necessary, but you might soak the food briefly (15 - 30 seconds are sufficient) before feeding it to the fish. This brings another considerable improvement with very finicky (concerning food acceptance) fish although sera vipagran already becomes soft very quickly anyway.

Or is there sera food which is better suited for such small fish?

All flake foods are readily accepted, sera vipagran baby is particularly well suited when it comes to granulated food.

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sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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