How large does an aquaterrarium for terrapins have to be, and what do I have to consider when setting it up?


I would like to get some terrapins. How large does the aquaterrarium have to be if I would purchase a pair?

due to the final size of the terrapins (approx. 25 cm carapace length for Red-Eared Sliders), you should calculate about one square meter per animal. Juveniles of course require less space, but especially terrapins grow very quickly.

What do I have to feed them?

sera reptil Professional Carnivor as well as all raffy types from our range, except sera raffy Vital, are suitable. The latter is for tortoises. You can additionally give them freeze dried food organisms such as sera FD Tubifex or Artemia Shrimps as a treat.

What do I have to consider when setting up the tank?

The water must at least be as deep as the carapace is wide, so the animals can turn over under water if ever they ended up on their backs. Furthermore, you must integrate an easily accessible land part with a heat lamp installed above it. The land part must provide enough space for all terrapins to take a sunbath aside each other.

All technical equipment (e.g. heater) must be installed in a way that the terrapins cannot reach them, because a sturdy terrapin is easily able to destroy a heater.


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