How are fertilizer tablets optimally applied?


My first question: Are the sera florenette A Tabs dug in near the roots? If yes, how deep?

it is not necessary to dig them in. It is sufficient to place the tablets near the roots or slightly push them into the gravel.

Our fish actually want to eat anything that even loosely resembles a food tablet.

They usually quickly stop doing so once they notice that it does not taste good - however, taking up a little fertilizer once in a while will not harm them.

Second question: If the tabs are to be simply put into the water and not placed in the bottom gravel lear the roots, then what exactly is the difference to sera florena?

sera florena evenly distributes in the water and is mainly taken up through the leaves. sera florenette and sera floreplus slowly (over approximately 7 - 10 days) release the nutrients so that they can be taken up directly through the roots and do not even distribute freely in the water.

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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