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Brown layers on plant leaves / Diatoms

Hello, according to the description, they are very likely diatoms. The layers should feel like sandpaper in that case. Diatoms are pioneering organisms in newly set-up aquariums,...

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Dosage of sera ectopur

Hello, it is only applied once, 10 g (two teaspoons each holding 5 g) per each 25 liters. In case you carry out a partial water change during the treatment, sera ectopur is simply...

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Pressure filters in saltwater?

Hello, yes, the pressure filters are suitable for this purpose without any restrictions. Here they are (maximum width, measured at the steel sealing ring / total height; all...

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Eggs or sporangia on Java fern?

Hello, according to the description, I can certainly exclude that these are angelfish eggs - if only because angelfish care for their fry and would guard them.I also think eggs of...

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Are Butterfly Cichlids suitable predators for Guppy babies?

Hello, yes, they would - provided the water parameters are suitable (soft, slightly acidic, very good water hygiene). Butterfly cichlids are very sensitive concerning these matters. ...

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Is sera siporax suitable for housing anaerobic bacteria?

Hello, yes it does. We recommend 1 liter sera siporax Professional per each 100 liters (instead of 200 liters, as usual) of water, or even more. This will result in considerable...

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