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Neon tetras with bloated bellies

Hello, females ready to spawn (which is rather uncommon in aquariums) do not become apathetic, therefore it sounds more like a disease. Of course, this cannot be determined without...

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Conductivity of R/O water

Hello, 60 µS/cm are indeed rather high for R/O water, this might indicate a mistake while measuring (e.g. miscalibration), dirty water containers or even a faulty R/O unit! A...

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Fluorescent tube does not work when switching it on

Hello, please check whether the lamp and the starter sit in their fixtures correctly − you may slightly turn the lamp to do so. It happens rather often that the lamp sits poorly due...

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Air bubbles at the surface and cloudiness after setup

Hello, please be patient, this will stop by itself. The cloudiness is usually caused by fine gravel or sand particles and will disappear after a few days. It is immediately after...

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Parece que los Mollys no se reproducen

Hola, estoy bastante seguro de que los Mollys también ya se han reproducido. Sin embargo, generalmente las crías nacen por la noche y son comidas hasta la mañana siguiente. Por lo...

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Breeding Platies / Fish stock questions

Hello, Concerning "breeding container":this should best not be done at all - these containers are simply too small for adult fish.However, they are well suited for raising the fry....

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