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Swordtails do not multiply

Hello, you should simply wait - provided both genders are in the tank (late maturing males look like females for a long time)! However, you will need to give the fish some time to...

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Can I combine sera baktopur and sera costapur?

Hello, a combination with sera costapur (both in normal dosage) is possible. However, you can also use the broad range treatment sera omnipur instead, as it has been developed...

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sera baktopur: Application tips

Hello, Concerning "shortness of breath":No, shortness of breath is rather caused by quite a number of bacteria that also affect the gills (bacterial gill rot), and consequently...

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sera baktopur: Treatment duration

Hello, at first, the treatment should be carried out as described in the instructions for use, i.e. addition on the first and third days. It depends on different factors, such as...

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sera costapur: Consejos de uso

Hola, En cuanto a la “iluminación/abonado con CO2”:tanto la iluminación como el sistema de abonado con CO2 pueden mantenerse encendidos; sin embargo, debe observar la respiración de...

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sera ectopur: Application and tolerance

Hello, sera ectopur is even more effective than common salt:it is a further development of the well known salt therapy that supoorts it by substances that release oxygen. It is well...

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