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How often can I apply sera phosvec, and how quickly does the effect take place?

Hello, Concerning "re-dose":you can re-dose according to your requirements, i.e. after the cloudiness has deposited. Concerning "effect":it takes place even sooner - the cloudiness...

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How should I dose sera baktopur when there are also healthy fish in the tank?

Hello, this is no problem. The fish may - as is the case with all treatments - feel slightly unwell, but will not be harmed. You should definitely add the proper dosage, as too low...

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How to decolorize a water sample

Hello, you first need to take a water sample a bit larger than you actually need for the test. Then decolorize this sample by adding active carbon pellets one by one. Stir after each...

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How to proceed in case of a repeated treatment with sera mycopur?

Hello, in this case you can and should repeat the treatment after a water change of about 50%. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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Huevos o cápsulas de esporas sobre el helecho de java (Microsorum pteropus)

Hola, Según la descripción, se puede descartar, con certeza, que se trate de huevos de peces ángel - ya que los peces ángel cuidan de sus huevos y los protegen.También creo que es...

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Increasing the hardness of R/O water for Central American fish

Hello, I recommend increasing the hardness with sera mineral salt to approximately 6 - 8°dKH and, accordingly, approximately 13 - 17°dGH, unless the fish originate from water...

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