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How large does an aquaterrarium for terrapins have to be, and what do I have to consider when setting it up?

Hello, Concering "aquaterrarium":Due to the final size of the terrapins (approx. 25 cm carapace length for Red-Eared Sliders), you should calculate about one square meter per animal....

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How large do Coolie Loaches and Dwarf Loaches grow, and how many should I keep?

Hello, Coolie Loaches usually grow to about 10 - 12 cm, single specimens occasionally grow slightly longer.If "Dwarf Loaches" refers to Yasuhikotakia (formerly Botia) sidthimunki:...

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¿Qué tamaño alcanzan las lochas payaso?

Hola, incluso en el acuario, las lochas payaso pueden llegar a tener (¡mucho!) más de 16 cm, cuando se tienen en un acuario adecuado. Las pequeñas lochas payaso disponibles para la...

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How can I lower the iron level?

Hello, this is indeed the correct way if the high iron level is caused by fertilizing too much. You may simply carry out a water change for lowering the level immediately. In case...

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How can I lower the KH value?

Hello, this is possible with pH lowering products such as sera pH/KH-minus, but also by sera super peat (blackpeat granulate). These products are necessarily based on acids...

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How can I lower the pH value (South American and Southeast Asian fish)?

Hello, Concerning "pH value":You can lower the pH value with sera super peat (blackpeat granulate) or sera pH/KH-minus.A pH value of 8 is indeed too high for the fish! A pH value...

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