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How can I help a fish with unspecific symptoms?

Hello, without specific disease symptoms you will unfortunately not be able to do much more than put the fish into a separate tank, provide plenty of oxygen in the water (possibly...

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How can I protect sensitive plants during a treatment?

Hello, Concerning "transplanting":yes, that would be good! However, you should not use an aquarium stocked with fish. Concerning "transmit disease":this is exactly why it is best...

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How should I dose sera baktopur when there are also healthy fish in the tank?

Hello, this is no problem. The fish may - as is the case with all treatments - feel slightly unwell, but will not be harmed. You should definitely add the proper dosage, as too low...

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¿Cómo proceder cuando se concluya el tratamiento con sera pond omnipur?

Hola, Aunque la coloración del agua desaparece después de algún tiempo debido a la influencia de los microorganismos y la radiación UV (¡la luz del día!), se recomienda filtrar a...

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¿Cuál es la diferencia entre el sera baktopur y el sera baktopur direct?

Hola, Son dos productos muy diferentes, con distintos principios activos.  Mientras que el sera baktopur es una solución con principios activos, el sera baktopur direct es una...

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What can I use to treat fungal infections when there are shrimps in the tank?

Hello, sera omnipur can be used in such cases since it is copper free. sera mycopur, however, is not tolerated by shrimps due to its - albeit low - copper contents. Best regards se...

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