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Is it possible to use sera floredepot together with an undergravel heater?

Hello, no, there are no objections! Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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Is it sufficient to only agitate the surface but not aerate the water?

Hello, yes, this is completely alright. The main amount of oxygen is absorbed by the surface and not by aeration - however, the surface is also somewhat increased by bubble...

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Is sera siporax suitable for housing anaerobic bacteria?

Hello, yes it does. We recommend 1 liter sera siporax Professional per each 100 liters (instead of 200 liters, as usual) of water, or even more. This will result in considerable...

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Is the sera fil 60/120 safe for juvenile shrimps?

Hello, the water is taken in in the bottom section and then first runs through a sponge that in itself is almost entirely safe - even for juvenile shrimps. If you still have doubts...

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Is there a special sera salt for livebearers?

Hello, many livebearers indeed prefer harder water - hardening with sera mineral salt is therefore recommended if the original water is soft. Additional use of sera marin salt (salt...

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Las conchas del  mar y los caparazones de caracoles ¿son perjudiciales en el acuario?

Hola, Siempre y cuando las conchas no tengan residuos oleosos u otras impurezas - en el peor de los casos, restos de carne - no hay ninguna objeción (excepto que puede parecer...

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