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Skin changes during treatment against Costia/Ichthyobodo

Hello,that may indeed be a sign of healing. The skin is damaged by the parasite ifestation - these spots look accordingly when the parasites have been removed. Before that, it was...

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Snails multiply too quickly

Hello, possible reasons also include live food or a latent presence that has caused rapid mass multiplication due to some factor, such as accidental overfeeding or a dead fish not...

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Swollen eye and abnormal swimming position

Hello, the fish eating normally makes an infection unlikely, since most infections cause severe loss of appetite. Is it maybe possible that the fish was being attacked vehemently and...

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Swordtails do not multiply

Hello, you should simply wait - provided both genders are in the tank (late maturing males look like females for a long time)! However, you will need to give the fish some time to...

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Tetra neón flotando en la superficie

Hola, Esa es una de varias posibilidades. Sin embargo, los síntomas deberían haberse manifestado hace mucho tiempo (falta de apetito, ausencia de excrementos durante un largo período...

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Tratamiento de una infección bacteriana en loricáridos / Combinar sera baktopur y sera baktopur direct

Hola, No hay problema: ¡Es posible la combinación de los dos y una cosa no excluye a la otra! De hecho, se puede realizar un breve tratamiento intensivo, seguido inmediatamente por...

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