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Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) - male is aggressive towards the female

Hello, a sufficiently large aquarium (at least 80 cm, better 1 m length) with many places to hide (roots, caves, plants) are important in this case. A possible cause for this...

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Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher): Questions about behavior and species they can be kept together with

Hello, yes, this is possible. Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) hardly ever dig, if at all. Mollies and also Platies are generally possible. However, Mollies often require/prefer a...

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Hoplosternum does not mingle with other members of its species

Hello, I understand it this way that the fish (except for the clamped fins) looked like this from the beginning and did not change its color in the meantime (fright coloration, skin...

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Black Widow Tetras (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) spawned

Hello, Concerning "spawn mold":It is also possible that the eggs were not or only partially fertilized. Unfertilized eggs quickly fall apart and become moldy, mold can then also...

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Diferencias entre la colisa enana (Colisa lalia) y la colisa miel (Colisa sota/chuna)

Hola, Estas dos especies son parientes cercanos, pero, aun así, son diferentes: La colisa miel es una variedad de la colisa enana, que en su forma original tiene rayas diagonales...

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¿Morena negra (Apteronotus albifrons) en el acuario comunitario? / ¿Peces como regalo?

Hola, En cuanto a "tener el pez en el acuario":A largo plazo no será posible, porque estos peces son depredadores voraces. En cuanto a "comerse los peces más pequeños":¡Eso...

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