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Agua dulce Alimentos

Which food for small and finicky fish?

Hello, grinding is not necessary, but you might soak the food briefly (15 - 30 seconds are sufficient) before feeding it to the fish. This brings another considerable improvement...

Agua dulce Invertebrados

Which food for mangrove crabs?

Hello, sera Crabs Natural is optimal as a staple diet. You can additionally use food tablets such as sera O-Nip, sera Viformo, sera Plankton Tabs and sera Spirulina Tabs. FD food...

Agua dulce Alimentos

Which food for angelfish?

Hello, sera Vipagran and sera Discus Granules are, for example, ideal staple foods, sera Granured and sera marin Granules (the latter one especially in water low in iodine) are also...

Agua dulce Alimentos

Which food for spiny eels?

Hello, for example, sera Granured, sera Vipagran and all FD foods are suited for juveniles - preferably soaked to make it sink better (the method is described in the FAQ "How can...

Agua dulce Alimentos

Las Corydoras no ven el alimento

Hola, generalmente los peces no necesitan ver el alimento - tienen buen olfato y también logran encontrar los alimentos en la oscuridad. Los peces recientemente introducidos en el...

Agua dulce Peces

How old do Guppies get?

Hello, you can usually estimate 2 - 3 years. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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