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Carpa dorada atrapada, aleta caudal rota

Hola, el baño de baktopur es una medida correcta y suficiente. Incluso las lesiones graves se curan casi por completo, siempre que la base de la aleta no esté dañada. Sin embargo,...

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Do Siamese Fighters attack Guppies?

Hello, yes, this indeed happens. Apparently, the Siamese Fighters sometimes mistake other long-finned and colorful fish for members of their own species and attack them. This may be...

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Green algae in an East Africa aquarium / Which fluorescent tubes?

Hello, usually, elevated nitrate levels are responsible in case of green algae, which is rather common in aquariums with East African fish due to the mostly low number of plants. In...

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Green algae only in the stronger lighted part of the aquarium

Hello, this indicates that the light intensity in the front part is considerably higher (this is not necessarily obvious to the eye!). In such cases it is worth a try to reduce the...

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Juvenile Guppy has a distorted spine

Hello, this kind of abnormity occurs every now and then in Guppy babies, rather a lot of them seem to be caused genetically. Injuries are also a possible cause. Although it may...

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Can I keep male Guppies without females?

Hello, this is not really optimal - besides, it is going to become difficult to actually get Otocinclus affinis: This species is almost never available in the trade; the fish sold...

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