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Nitrite levels remains at 0.3 mg/l for a longer time

Hello, the nitrite peak may indeed occur or be present later than after 4 weeks. Using a really highly active filter medium (sera siporax Professional) and a biostarter (sera bio...

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Nitrite level remains very high for months

Hello, something is wrong with the filter if the nitrite level is still that high! The biological performance of internal and external filters is the same, provided the filters are...

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Open wound on the head of a terrapin

Hello, yes you should. The vet has the treatments and the knowledge to treat open wounds as required. sera sanipur is suitable as an immediate measure for soothing and inflammation...

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Acondicionar el agua de ósmosis con sera mineral salt para peces ángel

Hola, sí, es posible, sin problemas, ¡el sera mineral salt ha sido desarrollado especialmente para este tipo de aplicaciones! Para peces ángel y otros peces de biotopos similares,...

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Las plantas no crecen y se deshacen

Hola, es poco probable que se trate de plagas de las plantas - sin embargo, hay varias causas posibles: Conductividad alta (más de unos 500 µS/cm) Teniendo en cuenta la dureza de...

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Raising the pH value while lowering the hardness at the same time

Hello, deionization with a reverse osmosis (R/O) or ion exchange system is recommended in this case. You can then adjust the desired total hardness with sera mineral salt, the KH...

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