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Agua dulce Peces

Can I keep butterfly cichlids and angelfish together?

Hello, considering only the species, keeping them together would be possible. However, the tank is already too small for the angelfish alone. 200 liters at 50 cm tank height are the...

Agua dulce Invertebrados

Los caracoles se comen las plantas

Hola, estoy bastante seguro de que, en este caso, no se trata de Planorbarius corneus, ya que los caracoles de esta especie rara vez comen plantas sanas (solo en situaciones de...

Agua dulce Invertebrados

¿Combatir los caracoles con peces globo?

Hola, no recomendamos la introducción de peces globo como “comedores de caracoles”. Es cierto que los peces globo reducen considerablemente el número de caracoles y, por lo general,...

Agua dulce Invertebrados

Snails multiply too quickly

Hello, possible reasons also include live food or a latent presence that has caused rapid mass multiplication due to some factor, such as accidental overfeeding or a dead fish not...

Agua dulce Peces

Shell dwelling cichlids have become more aggressive

Hello, rocks are not the best choice in this case. I recommend plenty of empty snail shells plus bottom ground consisting of fine sand sufficiently thick to allow the fish to dig in...

Agua dulce Cuidado

Quick or slow water flow in the filter?

Hello, in fact, a cross of the two would be optimal. In case of high nitrate pollution, this can be achieved by a combination of a conventional "biofilter" (typically with flow...

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