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Agua dulce Técnica

Water becomes cloudy after a water change

Hello, it sounds as if many (basically beneficial!) bacteria (= milky cloudiness) are swirled up from the bottom gravel during the water change and simply require some time for...

Agua dulce Cuidado

How to decolorize a water sample

Hello, you first need to take a water sample a bit larger than you actually need for the test. Then decolorize this sample by adding active carbon pellets one by one. Stir after each...

Agua dulce

Water cloudiness and bottom ground mix-up

Hello, yes, the cloudiness will settle after a few days or is by and by trapped by the filter −  possibly you will need to wash out the prefilter materials if they get clogged.You...

Agua dulce Enfermedades

Cambio de agua después/durante el uso de sera costapur

Hola, En cuanto al “cambio parcial de agua”:En tales circunstancias, se debe esperar unos 3 días, después que desaparezcan los últimos síntomas. Sin embargo, también es posible...

Agua dulce

Water change rate and filter cleaning

Hello, Concerning "cleaning the filter media":this is alright if it considers only the prefilter media! However it is necessary only when these are clogged so densely that the water...

Agua dulce Invertebrados

White worms in the aquarium

Hello, they are rather likely so-called Oligochaetes. The thin diameter compared to the body length and the fact the fish eat them gives hints in this direction. These worms are...

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