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Aumento constante de los valores de nitrato y fosfato / Plaga de caracoles

Hola, En cuanto a los "valores de fosfato y nitrato":Estos valores de contaminación están relacionados, en parte, con los contaminantes contenidos en el agua del grifo, pero...

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Peat (sera super peat) against algae?

Hello, peat is indeed active against algae, even in two different ways:many algae grow better in alkaline water containing carbonate than in acidic water low in carbonates - and...

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UV protection foil for algae prevention?

Hello, I am sceptical, because glass itself already absorbs most of the UV. If the aquarium (and not heat etc.) is the main reason for the protection, you could also cover the...

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What are the consequences of very high silicate levels?

Hello, high silicate levels indeed support diatom growth, but that's it. Silicate is not toxic and does not have any other (i.e. besides supporting diatom growth) harmful effects in...

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What to do in case of brush algae?

Hello, the following approach is effective in the long run:regulate the ratio betwen nitrate and phosphate in a way that the plants are just sufficiently provided with nitrogen and...

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What to do in case of floating algae in the aquarium?

Hello, reducing the nitrite value is of course good, since nitrite is very toxic for fish. However, it has nothing to do with algae growth. As an immediate measure, you can bind the...

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