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How long may peat granulate (sera super peat) remain in the filter?

Hello, the peat may also remain in the filter for a longer time. However, it will of course lose its effect over the time - the faster, the more and the more often you change water,...

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How long do pH measuring electrodes last?

Hello, as an average, the electrodes will last approximately 2 years from the date of manufacture. You will find the date on the shaft of the electrode itself - the code consists of...

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How often can I apply sera phosvec, and how quickly does the effect take place?

Hello, Concerning "re-dose":you can re-dose according to your requirements, i.e. after the cloudiness has deposited. Concerning "effect":it takes place even sooner - the cloudiness...

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How can I protect sensitive plants during a treatment?

Hello, Concerning "transplanting":yes, that would be good! However, you should not use an aquarium stocked with fish. Concerning "transmit disease":this is exactly why it is best...

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How are fertilizer tablets optimally applied?

Hello, To 1.:it is not necessary to dig them in. It is sufficient to place the tablets near the roots or slightly push them into the gravel.They usually quickly stop doing so once...

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¿Cómo actúa el sera aquatan contra los metales pesados?

Hola, el proceso básico es lo que se llama “quelación” (complejación con ligandos polidentados). Durante este proceso, los iones de metales pesados son encapsulados con un tipo de...

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