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Is there a special sera salt for livebearers?

Hello, many livebearers indeed prefer harder water - hardening with sera mineral salt is therefore recommended if the original water is soft. Additional use of sera marin salt (salt...

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Green algae in an East Africa aquarium / Which fluorescent tubes?

Hello, usually, elevated nitrate levels are responsible in case of green algae, which is rather common in aquariums with East African fish due to the mostly low number of plants. In...

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Green algae only in the stronger lighted part of the aquarium

Hello, this indicates that the light intensity in the front part is considerably higher (this is not necessarily obvious to the eye!). In such cases it is worth a try to reduce the...

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Hornwort floating at the surface?

Hello, Concerning "name":Ceratophyllum demersum (very common) and Ceratophyllum submersum (rather uncommon) are known in the aquarium hobby. Concerning "roots":yes it will - growing...

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¿Es normal que las plantas nuevas pierdan sus hojas? / ¿Es necesario quitar la lana de roca?

Hola, En cuanto a "perder las hojas":En realidad, eso sucede con frecuencia. Muchas plantas se cultivan en viveros, es decir, con las hojas en contacto con el aire (en este caso sólo...

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Can the carbonate hardness be higher than the total hardness?

Hello, the reason for this difference is as follows:From a "chemica"' viewpoint, the total hardness ist the total amount of bivalent metal ions. In practical aquarium terms, this can...

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