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Ramirezi hembra ataca al macho recién introducido

Hola, Entre los cíclidos, es completamente normal que los nuevos peces no sean aceptados inmediatamente - un macho y una hembra no son automáticamente una pareja. Los peces a menudo...

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Can I keep butterfly cichlids and angelfish together?

Hello, considering only the species, keeping them together would be possible. However, the tank is already too small for the angelfish alone. 200 liters at 50 cm tank height are the...

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Shell dwelling cichlids have become more aggressive

Hello, rocks are not the best choice in this case. I recommend plenty of empty snail shells plus bottom ground consisting of fine sand sufficiently thick to allow the fish to dig in...

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Swordtails do not multiply

Hello, you should simply wait - provided both genders are in the tank (late maturing males look like females for a long time)! However, you will need to give the fish some time to...

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Peces ángel apáticos

Hola, Esto puede ser un indicio de agua contaminada y/o de una consiguiente hidropesía (en la fase inicial). Si hay otros peces más fuertes en el acuario, también es posible que los...

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Should I leave angelfish eggs with the parents, or should I raise the fry separately?

Hello, I generally recommend leaving the eggs with the parents in case of species that care for their offspring. On the one hand, this is the only way to enable to live their...

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