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Angelfish eggs do not develop

Hello, it is possible that the eggs die due to unsuitable (especially: too hard!) water conditions, on the other hand the scenario described by you. In this scenario, both variants...

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Does nocturnal LED lighting disturb sleeping fish?

Hello, there should be no problems, provided the light intensity of the LEDs is not too high - in nature, the animals have to live with moonshine as well! You can easily find out...

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Tiger barb overeats

Hello, many barbs, including tiger barbs, very much tend to overeat. Sometimes it might help if you feed several smaller portions distributed over the day, and to distribute these...

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Los Barbos de Sumatra mordisquean las aletas de los guppys

Hola, los Barbos de Sumatra, así como algunas otras especies de barbos, mordisquean a menudo las aletas largas de otros peces. Los peces con aletas largas no son adecuados para vivir...

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Discus en acuarios comunitarios

Hola, en principio, todos los peces tranquilos y pacíficos procedentes de Sudamérica resultan adecuados, p. ej. la mayoría de los tetras, cíclidos enanos y Corydoras. A veces,...

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What can I do if goldfish multiply too strongly?

Hello, adding predators is basically alright, although I surmise that we are not alking "real" perches here - these are not suitable for common garden ponds - but probably sunfish (L...

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