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A few questions about Spot Finned Spiny Eels (Macrognathus aculeatus)

Hello, Concerning "pair-housed":there are no objections in an appropriately large (above 300 liters) and well structured aquarium with plenty of hideaways near the bottom. Soft...

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Keep Firemouth and Convict Cichlids (Thorichthys meeki/Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus) together?

Hello, "exactly the same" is maybe a bit too strong, but at least they originate from similar biotopes. The species do not get along very well with each other (if both are in the...

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Questions about breeding Colisa lalia (Dwarf Gourami)

Hello, Concerning "nest building/feed spot":this sounds good - I simply recommend feeding in another spot, at least for a while! Concerning "separate tank":none of which, just let...

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Gender differences in Labidochromis sp. "Yellow"

Hello, Concerning "gender differences":The gender differences are hard to see in not yet fully grown specimens - the colors are a little more intense in adult males, and the pattern...

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¿Existe endogamia en los peces?

Hola, En cuanto a la “endogamia en peces”:sí, eso ocurre con prácticamente todas las especies de animales. En cuanto al “banco de peces en el comercio especializado”:al menos cuando...

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Guppy-like fish with orange and black pattern - which species is this, and how can I keep them? (Endler's livebearer)

Hello, according to the description, they are rather certainly so-called Endler's livebearers (Poecilia wingei). The fish are very closely related to the well known Guppies and even...

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