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sera guide - Healthy aquarium fish

9.3 sera med Professional Tremazol sera med Professional Tremazol contains the reliably and directedly effec- tive Praziquantel, which has been successfully used against flatworm infec- tions in human and veterinarian medicine for a long time. The patented, highly effective agent dissolving complex ensures even distribution of the otherwise poorly soluble substance in water, making the active agent get to the pathogen very quickly. The effect spectrum of the treatment ranges from gill and skin flukes to tape- worms and digenetic trematodes (symptoms include worm cataract). Be- sides its excellent efficacy it is also very well tolerated. Treat your freshwater and saltwater fish according to the information leaflet and provide good aeration. Prophylactic application in a short-term bath is possible in case of newly purchased animals or plants that might introduce pathogens. Treatment support or a recovery supporting aftertreatment are possible with sera ectopur. 9.2 sera med Professional Protazol Observation Isolated, whitish thickened areas on the mu- cous membrane (partially stringy); small pale areas on the skin; apathy and loss of appetite. The fish scrub themselves and occasionally wince with their fins. Diagnosis: Trichodina, Tetrahymena, Chilodonella see also page 33 Firemouth Cichlid with Trichodina infection Infection by TetrahymenaDark colored Discus with Chilodonella infection 51 Professional