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Is it possible to keep only female Platies in order to avoid reproduction?

Hello, this is indeed the case, you can expect a litter from each female every 4 - 6 weeks. Basically you can only hold females, but it is usually not successful considering...


Peut-on maintenir une tortue terrestre dans un vieil aquarium vidé ?

Bonjour, non, les aquariums mis au rebut ne sont pas adaptés à cette fin car ils sont presque toujours trop petits. Les tortues terrestres ont besoin de beaucoup d’espace, au moins...

Eau douce Soins

Can I use flintstone in an aquarium?

Hello, flintstone mainly consists of silicium dioxide and does not contain lime. Removing lime with an acid is therefore not necessary, rinsing and removing attached dirt is...

Eau douce Matériel technique

Can you use magnets for attaching things in an aquarium?

Hello, this is only possible if the magnet itself is entirely enclosed in a waterproof shell (plastic), otherwise there will be considerable corrosion (rusting magnet) and possibly...

Eau douce Maladies

Can I use sera mycopur and sera baktopur direct together?

Hello, yes, this is possible. Both are applied in the corresponding "normal" dosages. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

Eau douce Matériel technique

Is it possible to crush sera siporax?

Hello, it is actually possible to crush sera siporax in smaller pieces, but it is not really necessary (any more) since there is sera siporax mini Professional in pellet shape...

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