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Les plantes ne poussent pas et se désagrèrent

Bonjour, les parasites de plantes ou semblables sont très certainement à exclure - les causes possibles sont cependant nombreuses : Haute conductibilité (plus de 500 μS/cm...

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Raising the pH value while lowering the hardness at the same time

Hello, deionization with a reverse osmosis (R/O) or ion exchange system is recommended in this case. You can then adjust the desired total hardness with sera mineral salt, the KH...

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pH value remains below 6.5 even after a water change

Hello, Concerning "R/O water":just a remark: the pH value of R/O water is not really important - it can vary strongly as it is not buffered. Furthermore, conventional pH electrodes...

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Adjust pH value for shrimps

Hello, in case the pH value refers to "fresh" tap water you should simply wait, as it usually sinks in an aquarium (except if the carbonate hardness is very high). Otherwise I...

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Piranhas in an aquarium

Hello, I will split the answer into a number of different topics! Setup:a very large aquarium (at least 1,000 liters for 5 fish, preferably more) with sand bottom (the fish dig...

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Platies: How can I detect pregnancy, how often do the fish give birth?

Hello, the unborn fry are visible as a gravid spot (a dark spot diagonally above the anal fin). Just before birth, even the eyes of the fry can be seen through the skin of their...

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