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Sand and gravel in combination? / How much sand is required?

Hello, Concerning "sand and gravel":a small sand zone is not of much use, and the sand would literally sink into the gravel within shortest time. Also, the Coolie loaches require a...

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Est-ce que les coquilles de mollusques et d’escargots peuvent causer des dommages dans l’aquarium ?

Bonjour, Si les coquilles sont exemptes d’impuretés huileuses ou autres - au pire, de résidus de viande -, il n’y a rien à redire (sauf que l’aspect peut paraître anormal, mais c’est...

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Est-ce qu’une coupure de courant peut provoquer des dommages ?

Bonjour, Aucun dommage n’est à craindre en cas de coupures de courant de courte durée, jusqu’à environ une heure. En cas de panne de courant prolongée (bien plus d’une heure), vous...

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Does a UVC clarifier harm useful bacteria?

Hello, all bacteria dwelling in open water and thus being carried past the UV light will be killed. Therefore, filter bacteria are usually not affected since they settle in the...

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Does sera omnipur S harm the beneficial bacteria in the filter system?

Hello, the filter performance may decrease by a few percent, but not very strongly. Therefore it is recommended to top up filter bacteria with sera bio nitrivec after the disease...

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Can I keep terrapins and fish together?

Hello, this is not a good idea for several reasons: Terrapins grow very large (for instance, the popular Red-Eared Sliders grow to 25 - 30 cm length). The aquarium must therefore...

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