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Which fertilizers are suitable in case of diminished plant growth?

Hello, if it is really caused by lacking minerals, sera florena (liquid) is recommended for stem plants, sera florenette (tablets) for plants with strong roots such as Echinodorus sp...

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Which fish can be kept together with Fighting Fish?

Hello, calm and non-aggressive fish are suitable, e.g. harlequin rasboras or most common characin species, armored catfish, loricariids, coolie loaches etc. Better do not add...

Eau douce Poissons

Which fish for reducing the number of Guppy fry?

Hello, almost all characins sized about 6 cm are suitable, e.g. from the Hyphessobrycon genus. Dwarf cichlids (mainly Apistogramma spp.) will also prey on the fry, some species are...

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Which are suitable sand grain sizes?

Hello, Concerning "sand 0.5 mm":no, that is alright. However, it must be round grained (not crushed sand), especially if there are fish in the aquarium that live on the bottom or...

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Quels crabes sont appropriés pour les aquariums ?

Bonjour, Le plus connu et le plus fréquemment proposé dans le commerce est le Pseudosesarma moeshi ou des espèces apparentées comme le « crabe de Thailande » ou le « crabe à pinces...

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Which fluorescent tube in the front position?

Hello, generally, you can position the lamps mainly according to your personal taste, but exactly this combination is indeed an excellent standard setup. Background: the plants then...

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