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Peut-on maintenir ensemble des poissons moustiques (Heterandria formosa), des platys et des corydoras ?

Bonjour, Il n'y a pas d'objection contre les petits corydoras (Corydoras habrosus, C. hastatus et C. pygmaeus) - l'aquarium doit cependant être abondamment planté et offrir un fourré...

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Algae problems with very low nitrate and phosphate levels

Hello, this phenomenon is not that unlikely at all and occurs rather frequently, especially in case of floating algae. The reason is quite simple:the algae literally take up the...

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Utilisation du sera test nitrites

Bonjour, En ce qui concerne « l'ordre des liquides » :Le test ne fonctionnera donc pas correctement. Concernant « différentes couleurs » :Cela est dû à la mauvaise application du...

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Using sera aquatan if water changes are conducted without a bucket

Hello, there is a very simple solution:distribute the corresponding conditioner amount after having removed the "old" water, then top up with fresh water. This will always protect...

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Can I keep aquarium fish in a pond during summer?

Hello, plants growing up to the surface (floating plants and/or plants that reach the surface) should be present especially near the banks as to provide shelter (also from birds!). ...

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Conditioning during water changes / Which values should be checked, and when?

Hello, Concerning "water conditioning":sera aquatan (binds copper and protects the fish against chlorine, among others) is indeed advisable with every water change. Dosage as per the...

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