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Increasing the hardness of R/O water for Central American fish

Hello, I recommend increasing the hardness with sera mineral salt to approximately 6 - 8°dKH and, accordingly, approximately 13 - 17°dGH, unless the fish originate from water...

Eau douce Soins

Available water is strongly polluted with iron

Hello, there is actually only the possibility of completely deionizing the water.Preferably with an ion exchange system rather than a reverse osmosis (R/O) unit, since iron tends to...

Eau douce Soins

Does sera aquatan affect iron fertilization?

Hello, no, you do not have to worry. Fertilizers such as sera florena contain the iron in complexed form anyway, and plants can take it up in this form without any problems! Best...

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Treatment of skin flukes on fancy guppies

Hello, both is alright, since skin and gill flukes are usually very specific to a certain host, i.e. a species that affects guppies will usually not affect the catfish. However, the...

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Treatment of swim bladder infections

Hello, sera baktopur direct  (tablets to be dissolved in water) and sera baktoTabs (food tablets with the same anti-bacterial agent nifurpirinol - this of course requires that the...

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Ajouter des carnegiella à la population existante ?

Bonjour, Si l’aquarium est bien structuré et abondamment planté, on peut y ajouter quelques Carnegiella strigata - mais elles nagent surtout en surface. Pour les zones...

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