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Position of the sera F 700

Hello, yes, that concerns the complete filter! Make sure that no sand/gravel can get in and possibly damage the rotor, when place it on the bottom! Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo...

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Problematic fish stock / Can fry stay with their parents?

Hello, Concerning "young Burundis":I surmise in the following that they are Neolamprologus brichardi from Lake Tanganyika, which were/are sometimes sold as "Princess of Burundi"! Co...

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Disinfect quarantine tanks after use?

Hello, basically, thorough rinsing and allowing to dry is sufficient. If you wish to proceed particularly carefully you can wipe the tank with a "paste" made of sera ectopur and...

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Nettoyage des électrodes pH

Bonjour, les électrodes pH en verre (ou celles dont le corps est en plastique : toutes les parties en verre) sont en effet très sensibles, même et surtout aux dommages mécaniques. P...

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Sand and gravel in combination? / How much sand is required?

Hello, Concerning "sand and gravel":a small sand zone is not of much use, and the sand would literally sink into the gravel within shortest time. Also, the Coolie loaches require a...

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Are clam and snail shells harmful in an aquarium?

Hello, there are no objections (except that it may appear optically unnatural, but this is a mere question of taste and does not bother the fish), provided the shells are free from...

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