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Angelfish has damaged fins

Hello, no, I do not - to shorten the fins is advisable only in very few exceptional situations (Lymphocystis in the outer fin zones). Feeling in the fins is unlikely as long as the...

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Angelfish behave apathetically

Hello, that may indicate polluted water and/or (beginning) dropsy induced by it. If there are other, stronger fish in the tank it is also possible that the angelfish are suppressed...

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Les scalaires présentent des lésions sur les nageoires après leur transfert

Bonjour, 4 scalaires dans un aquarium de 100 litres : ça ne marche pas bien à long terme ! Il faut déjà au moins 200 litres pour deux scalaires - l'élevage de 4 animaux n'est...

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Should I leave angelfish eggs with the parents, or should I raise the fry separately?

Hello, I generally recommend leaving the eggs with the parents in case of species that care for their offspring. On the one hand, this is the only way to enable to live their...

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Angelfish eggs do not develop

Hello, it is possible that the eggs die due to unsuitable (especially: too hard!) water conditions, on the other hand the scenario described by you. In this scenario, both variants...

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Should I combat trumpet snails in the aquarium?

Hello, there is not really a reason to do so, as trumpet snails in particular are very useful in aquariums. But if you wish so by all means, you can trap them with a snail trap (sera...

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