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How long may peat granulate (sera super peat) remain in the filter?

Hello, the peat may also remain in the filter for a longer time. However, it will of course lose its effect over the time - the faster, the more and the more often you change water,...

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How long do pH measuring electrodes last?

Hello, as an average, the electrodes will last approximately 2 years from the date of manufacture. You will find the date on the shaft of the electrode itself - the code consists of...

Eau douce Soins

How often can I apply sera phosvec, and how quickly does the effect take place?

Hello, Concerning "re-dose":you can re-dose according to your requirements, i.e. after the cloudiness has deposited. Concerning "effect":it takes place even sooner - the cloudiness...

Eau douce Matériel technique

How often should I clean the filter media?

Hello, prefilter materials (in particular, filter wool!) should be regularly and thoroughly rinsed or replaced at the latest when they start to become clogged. Biologically  active...

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How can I protect sensitive plants during a treatment?

Hello, Concerning "transplanting":yes, that would be good! However, you should not use an aquarium stocked with fish. Concerning "transmit disease":this is exactly why it is best...

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Où se situe la limite entre « eau froide » et « eau chaude » ?

Bonjour, La question n’est pas aussi facile qu’elle en a l’air au premier abord ! Je commencerai par la zone la plus clairement définie, l’eau chaude.Cela concerne (en termes de...

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