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Calibrage seramic : peut-on utiliser pH 4 au lieu de pH 9 ?

Bonjour, Non, l'appareil doit être calibré avec la solution à pH 9.2 spécifiée dans les instructions. Le calibrage avec des solutions autres que celles spécifiées n'est pas du tout...

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Can fish die even several days after a nitrite intoxication?

Hello, the nitrite level should by all means checked daily (twice if possible) - sera toxivec and sera bio nitrivec provide detoxification and biological activation, respectively. B...

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Can I keep aquarium fish in a pond during summer?

Hello, plants growing up to the surface (floating plants and/or plants that reach the surface) should be present especially near the banks as to provide shelter (also from birds!). ...

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Can I keep butterfly cichlids and angelfish together?

Hello, considering only the species, keeping them together would be possible. However, the tank is already too small for the angelfish alone. 200 liters at 50 cm tank height are the...

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Can I use sera mycopur and sera baktopur direct together?

Hello, yes, this is possible. Both are applied in the corresponding "normal" dosages. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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Can the carbonate hardness be higher than the total hardness?

Hello, the reason for this difference is as follows:From a "chemica"' viewpoint, the total hardness ist the total amount of bivalent metal ions. In practical aquarium terms, this can...

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