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Eau douce Poissons

Est-ce que les combattants attaquent les guppys ?

Bonjour, Oui, cela arrive effectivement. De toute évidence, les combattants confondent parfois d'autres poissons colorés aux nageoires longues avec leurs congénères et les attaquent....

Eau douce Poissons

Can I keep male Guppies without females?

Hello, this is not really optimal - besides, it is going to become difficult to actually get Otocinclus affinis: This species is almost never available in the trade; the fish sold...

Eau douce Poissons

Loricariids eat plants

Hello, this is going to be difficult once the Ancistrus found out they like the - apparently very tasty - Echinodorus. You can try herbal food tablets (sera Spirulina Tabs) or sera...

Eau douce Poissons

Est-ce que le courant peut également être trop fort ?

Bonjour, Qui, c'est possible, surtout avec des poissons qui ne sont de toute façon pas de bons nageurs et sans endurance (entre autres toutes les formes d'espèces voilées) ! Si les...

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Is it possible that no elevated nitrite levels can be detected a few days after a nitrite intoxication?

Hello, yes, this is indeed possible. Dangerously high nitrite levels become lower again after a couple of days unless there are no chemicals in the water that inhibit bacteria. The...

Eau douce Poissons

Is it possible to keep only female Platies in order to avoid reproduction?

Hello, this is indeed the case, you can expect a litter from each female every 4 - 6 weeks. Basically you can only hold females, but it is usually not successful considering...

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