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Eau douce Matériel technique

Nitrate breakdown with sera siporax: What kind of filter is suitable?

Hello, an external filter is possible. The filter type isn't that important - both internal and external setups will work just fine. The setup is pretty simple: the first step is...

Eau douce Matériel technique

Position of the sera F 700

Hello, yes, that concerns the complete filter! Make sure that no sand/gravel can get in and possibly damage the rotor, when place it on the bottom! Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo...

Eau douce Maladies Matériel technique

Disinfect quarantine tanks after use?

Hello, basically, thorough rinsing and allowing to dry is sufficient. If you wish to proceed particularly carefully you can wipe the tank with a "paste" made of sera ectopur and...

Eau douce Soins Matériel technique

Nettoyage des électrodes pH

Bonjour, les électrodes pH en verre (ou celles dont le corps est en plastique : toutes les parties en verre) sont en effet très sensibles, même et surtout aux dommages mécaniques. P...

Eau douce Bassin Matériel technique

Does a UVC clarifier harm useful bacteria?

Hello, all bacteria dwelling in open water and thus being carried past the UV light will be killed. Therefore, filter bacteria are usually not affected since they settle in the...

Eau douce Matériel technique

Is the sera fil 60/120 safe for juvenile shrimps?

Hello, the water is taken in in the bottom section and then first runs through a sponge that in itself is almost entirely safe - even for juvenile shrimps. If you still have doubts...

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