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Do I put the sera plant color in the front or in the back position?

Hello, this is most probably a sera plant color. The aquarium inhabitants do not mind - however, most aquarists prefer to place the sera plant color in the front position. Reason:...

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Are the sera aquarium heaters also suitable for brackish and salt water?

Hello, there is no objection in any way! The heaters are also suitable for brackish or salt water without any restriction. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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Does nocturnal LED lighting disturb sleeping fish?

Hello, there should be no problems, provided the light intensity of the LEDs is not too high - in nature, the animals have to live with moonshine as well! You can easily find out...

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Forgot to switch the filter back on after feeding

Hello, these were rather certainly bacteria and other protein metabolizing micro organisms (so-called infusoria) that were not drawn into the filter (where the organic matter would...

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L'eau devient trouble après un changement d'eau

Bonjour, Il semble que le changement d’eau (= turbidité laiteuse) suscite un tourbillon de nombreuses bactéries (en soi utiles !)  qui s’extraient du substrat et que ces bactéries...

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Which fluorescent tubes?

Hello, I recommend the following order: front tube: sera plant color, provided the tank is planted 2. - 4. tube: sera brilliant daylight and/or tropic sun, depending on your...

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