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"Crystal Red" shrimps in a 25 liter aquarium

Hello, possibly, the orange animal is a dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis 'Orange', often referred to as "Mexican Orange" dwarf crayfish)? 10 - 15 animals are alright;...

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Maintenance d'écrevisses américaines (Orconectes limosus)

Bonjour, Concernant les « plantes » :Tôt ou tard cela va se traduire probablement par du « dépeçage » et au moins il va les « manger » partiellement ! En ce qui concerne la «...

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Snails: how many should I add, and how can I monitor and increase water hardness?

Hello, this is exactly the right attitude, snails are unfortunately too often considered a "pest", which they are not! Just add a few trumpet snails, their number will regulate by...

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Worms and Hydra

Hello, Concerning "flalworms/Hydra":flatworms are one possibility considering the animals that creep on the glass pane, however threadworms (nematodes) or oligochaetes are also...

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Fish as snail removers?

Hello, I can only urgently advise against adding fish as "snail killers"! It usually concerns Clown Loaches and various pufferfish species. These fish are entirely unsuitable for...

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Jumping animals on the water surface / Springtails (Collembola)

Hello, these for sure are springtails (Collembola). They are very common (for instance, they can also frequently be found in flowerpots) and entirely harmless. They even serve as...

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