Setting up an aquarium anew while it is in operation


I own a 180 liter aquarium which has now been in operation for about half a year. I now want to redesign it completely. That means replacing most of the bottom material, gravel, plants, etc. I intend to save about 100 liters of the momentary aquarium water in buckets for refilling the aquarium after the new setup, I will then top it up with fresh tapwater. I will possibly lose many of the bacteria since I will be taking out the entire bottom ground and gravel, and the filter will be switched off for about 3 hours. I want to compensate this with the old water at least to a certain extent, as I must put put the fish back into the aquarium immediately afterwards. Do you have a better idea how I can handle this entire task? I will keep the fish in large buckets while carrying out the new setup.

the water does ideally not contain too many bacteria; these are supposed to dwell in the filter! I recommend placing the filter media in a bucket with aquarium water during the new setup and to aerate them with a membrane pump. The bacteria will be saved this way.

The internal filter is firmly installed inside the tank, I can therefore not just keep it in operation, e.g. on a bucket.

This is in that case of course indeed not possible, but taking the media out should not be too much of a problem!

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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