sera hoses and accessories

Flexible hoses with different sizes and accessories such as connectors, non-kink protection, holder or branch ducts.

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sera crystal clear Professional

The new high performance filter medium sera crystal clear Professional removes smallest particles above 10 µm (such as floating algae or sludge) in shortest time.

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sera Snack Professional

With sera´s new Snack Professional foods aquarists add a healthy variety to the menu of their fish. Learn more about the product range with:


Perfect terrarium setup

Reptiles are fascinating creatures. Some of them can be kept as pets in terrariums.
sera explains what should be paid attention for when setting up a terrarium.
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Innovative external filter with integrated UVC amalgam lamp

The new sera UVC-Xtreme 800 and 1200 are particularly powerful and at the same time energy efficient external filter with an integrated UVC unit.

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sera Calendar 2018 is available now

Somewhat unbelievable, but the year has only 3 months to go. Of course, sera has prepared a new calendar for 2018 – like every year. However, this...

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sera online laboratory – our free service for your aquarium

You can quickly and easily evaluate the water parameters of your aquarium in the sera online laboratory. We will give you advice on how to improve the water quality if required.


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Visit our extensive guides about aquariums, ponds or terrariums. We provide support from the first steps via the correct feeding up to health questions – online or as a download

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sera is a medium sized company from North Rhine-Westphalia. The range of sera products covers a wide selection for aquariums, ponds and terrariums. Apart of the fish foods, treatments and filter media sera offers technical products and those for water care. As manufacturer of more than 2000 articles for aquariums, ponds and terrariums sera has everything for species specific care and pet keeping demands. Ornamental fish, shrimps and reptiles but also aquatic plants can be kept successfully with sera products.

Keeping aquariums, ponds or terrariums is a highly diverse and interesting hobby. sera’s main philosophy is to keep things non complicated allowing users to concentrate on the side of enjoyment pet keeping has to offer.

Every hobby has its challenge but also problems here and there. Clever solutions are sought for such situations. The sera research team has developed a lot of such solutions during the last decades: Starting from species specific foods, shrimp foods, foods for reptiles to water conditioners reducing the stress impacts in aquatic inhabitants during the procedure of water changes. Highly efficient treatments help rapidly against infections; unique filtration media siporax generates superb water parameters.

sera – worldwide in specialized trade

The company sera has its headquarter in Heinsberg/North Rhine-Westphalia. This position in central Europe offers logistic advantages and as consequence advantages for the environment, too. sera has several own branches and partners for distribution. Through them sera products from Germany are available in 80 countries worldwide.

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