First fish stock for a 60 centimeter aquarium


I recently purchased a 60 cm aquarium that activates biologically at the moment. I planted it abundantly, including a planted root. I would like to add Guppies. I am also very much interested in shrimps and snails. I have the following questions:

1) Are 6 guppies too much, or what would you consider the maximum number?

6 guppies are alright, however you should in time make sure there are takers for the numerous offspring.

2) How many shrimps would you consider ideal?

This (of course) depends on the species. The common (Neo)Caridina species are well suited, including many colorful species (e.g. "Crystal Red", "Bumble bee shrimp", "Red Fire" etc.) besides the well known "Amano shrimp". They are very peaceful and remain small, whereas members of other species (e.g. long arm prawns, Macrobrachium spp.) may actually become a threat for small and/or sleeping fish.

I suggest 10 - 12 specimens of the above mentioned suitable shrimps.

3) Is it possible to keep shrimps and snails together?

Yes, this is actually possible! 

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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