UV protection foil for algae prevention?


We have an aquarium near the window in the waiting room of our medical practice. Upon experiencing strong algae growth, we were recommended windows with UV light absorbing foil. I would like to have your opinion about the effect to be expected, as the financial efforts are rather high.

I am sceptical, because glass itself already absorbs most of the UV. If the aquarium (and not heat etc.) is the main reason for the protection, you could also cover the aquarium side towards the window with an opaque piece of cardboard (e.g. black construction cardboard). If you do this properly, it will not look like bungling but like a well considered solution. The aquarium will in any case appear more attractive than if you can look right through it.

However, it of course also makes sense to check the main factors for algae growth (light is a side factor → oligotrophic natural water are virtually algae free even if they are exposed to strong sunlight!), and these factors are usually linked to a misbalance of the nutrients nitrate and phosphate.


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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