How can I build a bypass filter for denitrification?


Could you please give me a suggestion about building and connecting a bypass filter with sera siporax for denitrification?

the construction principle is actually very easy: All you need is a chamber equipped with intake and an outlet connectors, which is filled with sera siporax (0.5 liters per each 200 liters of water). For example, you can use a canister filter that you do not need any more otherwise. It is then operated passively, i.e. without the built-in motor. You can even take out the impeller entirely as to improve water flow.

The bypass filter is connected to the biofilter by splitting the biofilter outlet via an adjustable T-piece in a way that about 1 % of the outlet water are directed into the nitrate filter, the rest is of course directed back into the aquarium, just like the nitrate filter outlet.

Both filters can also be internal filters, they are then connected in a similar way. It is important that the nitrate filter, has no direct connection to the air and is operated with a slow water flow as to ensure low oxygen conditions.

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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