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sera TROPIC AQUA – Care products

The air we breathe is important for us …

… the water is just as important for the fish. Water quality is therefore crucial for the health and the well-being of the fish. However, water is not the same everywhere. The animals, accordingly, have various requirements concerning their environment, depending on where they originate from. It is therefore indispensable to provide best possible natural water conditions in an aquarium as to ensure appropriate care. This is the only way to keep fish and plants for a long time and with success.

Besides the fish doing well, there is another important aspect for aquarists: to enjoy the aquarium as much as possible, with as little maintenance as possible.

Both aspects mentioned above are ideally fulfilled by the sera water care products. Tap water, but also well or rain water become a perfect environment for fish and plants, provided you use the correct additives. Pollutants are being eliminated, the water is enhanced by essential minerals, an ideal environment for healthy and sustainable fishkeeping is created. The perfectly balanced sera water care products allow aquarists to create a fish friendly biotope that is also easy to maintain.

Problem solutions with guaranteed success

In case of a problem (e.g. algae, acute intoxications, etc.), the special sera water care products help re-establishing the equilibrium quickly and in a well tolerated way. They are easy and safe to use – for the animals and plants as well as for humans.

Systematic water care

All sera water care products are perfectly balanced among each other. Their functionalities add to and complement each other. Of course, all of them can be excellently combined, there are no unwanted side effects.

Conclusion: sera quality products make sure the joy in the fascinating aquarium hobby is preserved for a long time!


Best water quality with sera

sera toxivec - Less water changes • Immediate pollutant removal

sera aquatan - Fish friendly, crystal clear water • Immediate protection

Biologically healthy aquarium water

セラ ニトリベック
Biologisch gesundes Aquarienwasser
セラ ニトリベック
セラ フィルターバイオスタート
Bacteria and enzymes are waiting in the wings
セラ フィルターバイオスタート

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