sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130

130 l (34 US gal.) marine water complete aquarium with LED lighting and filtration system

This modern aquarium with bow front is the ideal solution for beginners and experienced aquarists. It contains all important elements for starting a marine water aquarium. This makes sure you can entirely concentrate on animal safety.


  • Polished bow front glass. Contents including filter system 130 liters (34 US gal.)
  • Lighting: large, bright and particularly energy saving LED chips (12 x 2 W white, 6 x 2 W actinic blue), easily replaceable; slowly rotating fans for cooling electronic components
  • 4 chamber internal filter with: Skimmer PS 200, filter sponge, 2 liters (580 g/1.2 lb.) high performance filter medium sera siporax Professional, sera heater 100 W, UV-C clarifier 5 W with ballast and sera feed pump STP 1000
  • Hood with integrated food flap and filter flap

Further accessories:

  • 100 ml (3.38 fl.oz.) sera marin bio reefclear for biological activation
  • 100 ml (3.38 fl.oz.) sera aquatan for water conditioning

A brochure with recommendations for stocking for the first time and maintenance according to the successful biotope concept add to the complete kit.


(W x H x D) 51 x 62,6 x 58 cm (20 x 24.6 x 22.8 in.)

Quantity Item no.
sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130 1 pc(s) 31099

Spare parts

Spare Parts

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sera Unterschrank
für sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL, sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL, sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130, sera marin Biotop Cube 130 und sera reptil aqua biotop
passender Unterschrank 1 pc(s) 31110

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