Juvenile Guppy has a distorted spine


One of my juvenile Guppies caught my attention today.
It shows the following symptoms:
- a slightly distorted spine (slightly bent, it looks as if he had a hollow back)
- uncertain swimming movements

It is hard  to see as the fish is still rather small.

Now I would like to know if this threatens the other fish, and if stress increases the risk for other fish to become ill. I would like to add some Black Widow Tetras as well.

This kind of abnormity occurs every now and then in Guppy babies, rather a lot of them seem to be caused genetically. Injuries are also a possible cause. Although it may sound brutal - it is alright if some of the babies get eaten. In nature, this is exactly what happens to misshapen, injured or ill fish: They can  escape less easily and are slower than healthy fish, thus they are the first to become prey to predators. 


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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